Closing the water cycle
in Mediterranean tourist facilities

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pdf.png Nova Radio Lloret, May 2017 (2) HOT
Created: 2017-09-13
Size: 90.73 KB

“Avui informem que l’hotel Samba acull un seminari internacional sobre reciclatge d’aigua en instal·lacions turístiques”-Nova Radio Lloret (Today we inform that the Samba hotel hosts an international seminar on water recycling in tourist facilities,” Nova Radio Lloret) (link)

pdf.png Nova Radio Lloret, May 2017 (1) HOT
Created: 2017-09-13
Size: 177.23 KB

“El Samba de Lloret és un dels hotels que gasten menys aigua gràcies a les mesures que adopta” (Samba de Lloret is one of the hotels that spend less water thanks to the measures it adopts) -Nova Radio Lloret (link)

pdf.png Sustainability assessment of integrated innovative wastewater technologies in Mediterranean tourist facilities (demEAUmed project)-abstract HOT
Created: 2016-10-10
Size: 24.64 KB
Abstract for the 22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study entitled: 'Sustainability assessment of integrated innovative wastewater technologies in Mediterranean tourist facilities (DemEAUmed project)'
pdf.png Butlletins (Catalan, Spanish), January 2016 HOT
Created: 2016-03-22
Size: 332.84 KB

"ICRA: A European project investigates technologies to reduce water consumption in hotels on the coast" (ICRA: Un projecte europeu investiga tecnologies per reduir el consum d’aigua als hotels de la costa) is an article published in the Newsletter of the Environment and Sustainability Department of the Catalonia government (Butlletins

pdf.png Sustainable Sanitation Practice Green walls roofs, July 2015 HOT
Created: 2016-01-22
Size: 1.41 MB

"Building-Integrated Indoor Vertical Ecosystem for Treatment and Recycling of Greywater"an article describing the reduction of fresh water consumption with an integrated greywater treatment system in buildings based on the functionality of a natural ecosystem published in Sustainable Sanitation Practice Green walls roofs magazine Issue no.23 by ALCHEMIA and RADTKE.

pdf.png Les Nouvelles (French), January 2015 HOT
Created: 2016-01-22
Size: 295.67 KB

An article published by SEMIDE/EMWIS via Les Nouvelles magazine no.25  from the International Office for Water.

pdf.png Energie Wasser (Dutch), April 2015 HOT
Created: 2016-01-22
Size: 85.32 KB

An article was published by ALCHEMIA during TRUST 2015 conference.

pdf.png AraDiumenge magazine (Catalan), August 2015 HOT
Created: 2015-09-07
Size: 163.5 KB

"270 liters of water a day for every hotel client": An interview with Gianluigi Buttiglieri presenting the news on demEAUmed project in AraDiumenge magazine.

pdf.png Turisme el PUNT (Catalan), April 2015 HOT
Created: 2015-04-20
Size: 376.75 KB

The article in Catalan is about a project in relation with demEAUmed and involving some partners (ICRA, LEITAT, ADASA). It includes a few words on demEAUmed (in the box in the middle) and a photo of the demonstration site: the Hotel Samba.

pdf.png FuturENVIRO technical magazine (English), September 2014 HOT
Created: 2014-09-25
Size: 322.04 KB

Article prepared b yADASA and published in  FuturEnviro in English and Spanish, a magazine with principal distribution in Spain and South America, more than 80000 subscriptions. The special edition “Gestión del Agua”, with 8000 printed issues has been distributed at: IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (Lisboa, 21-26 September) The Green Expo (Ciudad de México, 24-26 September)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 619116.